Diary of a Widower

Daily entries by a husband, who stayed behind with his two sons

Is this ever going to stop?

THURSDAY, October 21 – My rage goes so deep that I’m shocked every time it’s unleashed. Today the explosion was so violent that I very nearly called the Amsterdam police commissioner on his cell phone. I felt like doing so to give him a piece of my mind, to rant and rage, and to let him know I’m sick and tired of him and his whole damned police force.

Then I change my mind, count to ten, and continue on my way.

Minutes earlier a woman pushing a baby carriage had been about to cross the road. I slowed down, even though she was on the other side. A motorcycle cop was approaching from the other direction. The woman was about to step onto the crosswalk and in slow motion I saw it happen. Or rather, not happen. The policeman just kept going and the woman with the baby carriage stopped short.

I started shouting from behind the wheel while keeping my hand on the horn. No response. The guy drove straight on and the woman just stood there. Much more shouting and honking from me.


Then, I exploded. Is it ever going to stop, goddamnit?

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One thought on “Is this ever going to stop?

  1. Zolang politie denkt boven de wet te staan, zal er weinig veranderen. Juist vanmiddag rijdt er een motoragent door rood, geen hoorn geen zwaailicht. Gelukkig géén voetgangers.
    Zou wensen dat je boek, verplichte kost zou zijn voor politie opleiding.
    Heb het goed en heb geluk.

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