Diary of a Widower

Daily entries by a husband, who stayed behind with his two sons

Buy the Book

diaryofawidowercoverThe book (with all entries) is now for sale


Diary of a Widower (for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) $3.99 plus tax


Diary of a Widower (for Kindle) $ 3.99 plus tax

All proceeds will go to my sons’ college fund.

7 thoughts on “Buy the Book

  1. Please let me know when the book is published as there are several widowers in our local community who would benefit from your experience… regards Dawn

  2. Will do so, Dawn. Probably sometime in December. It’s just a matter of putting the dots on the i, but I have also learned to take it very easy when it comes to dealing with this stuff. So ain’t gonna rush it. Thanks for checking in. Tim

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  6. Apart from Kindle and iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch versions, do you have it in hardcopy? I don’t have Kindle or the apple gadgets but I really want to read the book. Is the only alternative I have is to read the entries on this blog?


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