Diary of a Widower

Daily entries by a husband, who stayed behind with his two sons

About the Diary

“A must read for those who want to understand how men and children grieve.” (Bereavement specialist Riet Fiddelaers)

Diary of a Widower describes the first year after American born Jennifer, mother to two young boys, died at the age of 41. This blog was launched on November 2, 2012, exactly three years after the first entry and will provide the almost daily diary entries by her husband.

Author Tim Overdiek is a journalist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he lives with his sons Sander and Eamonn. For more background, please click on Introduction above, for the first chapter in the diary. It has been translated from Dutch. See for more information (in Dutch): tranenvanliefde

Also, read the Accident entry (see above), which will tell you about the week that ended family life as they knew it, and that started that first year without her.

The e-book (with the complete diary) is now available on Amazon.com and iTunes. All proceeds will go directly into Sander & Eamonn Nolan’s college fund.

You can also follow Diary of a Widower on Twitter (@diaryofawidower) and Facebook (facebook.com/diaryofawidower).

Contact info: diaryofawidower@gmail.com

What other people have said about Diary of a Widower:

“Read your book in one go. Thank you! Impressive, shocking, entertaining, moving and hopeful.”

“The diary has moved me deeply. So full of love, from father to sons, from three men to their mom and wife.”

“Raw and heartbreaking. Magnificent due to its naked truth.”

“The language in this book is wonderful. A courageous account about love and loss.”


4 thoughts on “About the Diary

  1. Peggy Sweeney on said:

    Thank you, Tim, for sharing your story. I am very honored to feature your introduction in the February 2013 The Road less Traveled newsletter.

    Peggy Sweeney, Editor
    Journeys Through Grief Newsletters

  2. Thanks, Peggy. Glad we can share the story.

  3. Julie Swiderski on said:

    I am interested in sharing the recent grief journey I started 4 1/2 months ago, i thought about a blog. Advice? Ideas? Just looking to write it down and share it. -A girl missing her Dad

    • Write, write, write. Every day, whenever you feel something that might be worthwhile hanging onto for a while. You don’t need to share everything in public, also with a good friend to ‘read your thoughts’. Looking forward to reading your blog if you start one.

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