Diary of a Widower

Daily entries by a husband, who stayed behind with his two sons

Four people live. Thanks, Jenn

THURSDAY, December 17 – Snow! Recuperating after a bad night. Have to keep an eye on Sander, who spent most of the night on the toilet. I decide to bite the bullet and tackle some paperwork. If you’re sick anyway, you might as well deal with those damned  documents.

First the matter of succession laws:  I have to sign in a couple of places, scan the documents, and send them back. Then a phone call to the notary about the upcoming transfer of ownership of the new house.  Then two more tax documents:  one Dutch, one British. I email Jenn’s American accountant and talk to our investment advisor in Washington D.C.

Then the rest of the mail. I’m tempted to chuck it all out without even reading it. They’ve all done their best to find the right words, but all they do is confront me with reality. I don’t need this. Like the Christmas card from English friends who haven’t heard. ‘Best wishes to all four – have a great 2010!’ I toss it. They’ll find out somehow.

It’s almost four o’clock when I get the phone call. This is what I post on my Facebook wall:

The news is accompanied by tears of love. One woman (25) received her lungs. Another woman (64) her liver. Two men (55 and 63) each received one of her kidneys. All are doing well. Some had been on the waiting list for a long time. Thank you, Jenn. We love you.

Heartwarming responses. Several people immediately sign up as organ donors. Cautiously I inform the boys. They immediately want to know all the details.  They’re both enthusiastic and, separately from one another, they reach the same conclusion.

‘Thanks to Mom, four people will have a better and a healthier life.’

I am overcome by happiness. Tears of love, tears of joy.

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