Diary of a Widower

Daily entries by a husband, who stayed behind with his two sons

A kid and his ambition

THURSDAY, April 1, 2010 – Eamonn is busy writing a script for a video game aimed at children aged twelve and older.  It’s called Reborn. The idea occurred to him last night, during the dance performance Blaze at the Carré Theater.  While the music throbbed and the audience was blinded by the light show, Eamonn gazed at the ceiling in a kind of trance.

Everything okay? I asked him, allowing for the possibility that at this precise moment he’s missing his mother more than ever – as happened to me several times during the show. But no, as he whispered in my ear. ‘I’m thinking up a video game. It’s called Reborn.’

I replied, ‘Wonderful,’ not entirely reassured.

It was close to ten o’clock when we got home and I gave him fifteen minutes to get some of his ideas down on paper. Mustn’t stifle inspiration, no matter how late the hour. He made a start, got tired, and went to bed. The next morning he returned to the project with fresh enthusiasm. ‘This is going to take years.’  He wondered aloud if he wasn’t too young for a project like this.

This was my cue to really make a parental point. A moment he’ll remember thirty years from now. ‘You’re never too young to do something creative like that’, I proclaimed. ‘If you have a good idea, work it out. Always do what you really want to do, just as long as you don’t waste your talent. Follow your passion. If you want to be a comedian, no problem. A video game developer?  Great. Go for it. Believe in yourself.’

He went back to work, the tip of his tongue protruding slightly in concentration. 

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