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‘Worry less. Laugh more’

SUNDAY, June 6 – Phone call from the States: a rundown on the dedication ceremony earlier today, during which a bench was unveiled on the campus of Swarthmore College in memory of Jenn.

According to her mother, there was comfort to be gleaned from the occasion which was full of warm and positive feelings. Emotional, of course, not least because it was attended by some fifty of Jennifer’s classmates. They were there to celebrate her life, with lively stories and fond memories.

Jenn’s mother talks about the attendees, about herself, about the speeches, about the bench itself, about the atmosphere, about the drinks and refreshments, and about the magnificent spot where the bench is situated. And about the text on the plaque, of course:

‘Worry less. Laugh more.’

In loving memory of

Jennifer Nolan ‘90

The year she graduated. This weekend was the twentieth anniversary. Jenn was there, according to her mother, who was conscious of her presence. In July we’ll be visiting the campus and no doubt that’s a better spot to scatter her ashes. Central Park would have involved a few logistical problems.

I don’t apologize for the tears I shed on the phone.  They were simply tears of joy.

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One thought on “‘Worry less. Laugh more’

  1. That is amazing. Such a honoring moment to hear of the tribute to Jenn.

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