Diary of a Widower

Daily entries by a husband, who stayed behind with his two sons

Seeing the face that killed Mom

FRIDAY, June 11 – The face looks back at us quite cheerfully from the passport photo that my lawyer has just put on the table. Isn’t there always something strange about passport photos? Something faulty or unintentionally ugly? Not this one. It’s a pleasant portrait. One that with the worst will in the world, no one could possibly object to.

A picture of the man who killed Mom.

The boys are somewhat taken aback. He looks around nineteen. I thought he’d be much older, Eamonn says. His hair looks a lot different, not the way I remember it, remarks Sander. At first glance he seems to be a nice guy, is the consensus. That is, if you don’t know that the now 33-year old H.R. is being prosecuted for wrongful death. He has Jenn’s death weighing on his conscience.

It is just the tiniest bit reassuring that we now know what he looks like. At least it doesn’t look as if the confrontation this coming Thursday will be as unpleasant as we thought. Did R google us to find out what we look like? Eamonn asks. Undoubtedly. That gives him and us something to go on, for the moment when we look each other in the eye. Small comfort.

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One thought on “Seeing the face that killed Mom

  1. I’ve read your blog for quite some time. I just wanted you to know that you & your boys are in my prayers. Hoping that some comfort comes your way as you embark on this trial. God bless!

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