Diary of a Widower

Daily entries by a husband, who stayed behind with his two sons

Looking better than ever

FRIDAY, July 16 – The privileges of a boss who has a great work week behind him.  At ten-thirty I order three platters of apple turnovers and send the following email to the entire editorial staff:

‘Why the apple turnovers?  Well, for several reasons. Because there’s no law against it. Because this week I’ve been re-energized by three great days full of news.  Because it’s fantastic to be working here, together with all of you. That’s why.  Enjoy!’

It feels good to be back, to be running the whole show again. I won’t know until the fall whether this is a true comeback or a false reality. Sometimes you have to convince yourself that things are really getting better. In any case, it’s my way of letting everyone know that progress is being made and that I find enjoyment in my work, my colleagues, and life itself.

There were lots of responses by email. People are happy to see me beaming. They say I’m looking a lot better than a while back. (What does that mean, ‘looking better’) Did I really look like a zombie?  Apparently.) Sincere expressions of sympathy, no longer based on the tragedy, but on the satisfaction of knowing that the worst appears to be over.

The right moment for apple turnovers.

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